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You can stamp on glitter!

I've seen posts online that say it's possible to dye glitter with ink refills and I've watched Jennifer McGuire's video on making glitter die cuts. So *obviously* I began to wonder - can you stamp on glitter?? Answer: why yes, darling, you can!

Step 1: Cut your shape out of double-sided adhesive paper or foam paper.

Step 2: ADD GLITTER! Jennifer likes to burnish the glitter in, but I find it easier to sprinkle glitter onto some paper and rub the sticky surface into the glitter. Do what makes you happy.


Step 3: Stamp! It helps to have a MISTI stamping tool for this step because the impression is very light at first. You can stop at one impression if you want a pastel shade of your ink color, otherwise stamp the image several times until you're pleased with the result. 


You may want to buy some small cubes of ink and use them just for glitter because you will get some on your ink pad. It cleans up fairly easily though.


There you go! Hand stamped glitter stickers & embellishments! My MISTI is now a hot glittery mess, but I'm so pleased with myself I don't even care. 

IMG_4895TIP: Choose stamps with bold designs because fine lines get lost in the fabulous sparkle-fest.  

Much love & happy crafting! 



Use the link below to share your creative spark and inspire others by submitting your Glitter Stamping project. Remember... it doesn't have to be "perfect" to be beautiful! ;)


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What a great technique, Sunny! I really love the peppermint candy. :0)

Cheryl Stauffer

Going to get out my MISTI and give this a try! Thanks for sharing.

Natalie Winterstein

Cool! Thanks for sharing! :)


I would love to see what everyone creates! I will work on a way to link photos on my blog. Karen I love the candy too - that's what started it all. I adore snowflakes though so it's a toss up.


I love this! Just in time for Christmas!

Shelly Sweigart

You know I love that peppermint candy! How about sending me some wonderfully glittered items so I don't have to deal with all the mess! Seriously all your items look great and I may just try this technique without telling hubby! LOL! Oh and what brand of adhesive and glitter did you use?


Hee hee! The peppermint was my favorite too. I used Papertrey's double-sided foam paper to cut the shape, peeled only one side of sticky off and then smooshed the sticky side into the glitter around and around. The glitter is the Palette Ultra Fine "stamp & stick" glitter sold on the PTI site. I'll see if I can figure out how to add product links soon... and make a video showing how to do it. I also have a bonus technique to add to this one. :D

Marilyn in Michigan

What a sweet result of your experiment! I can't resist sparkle on cards!


Genius !!! I'm going to have to CASE this for my card class! I'll definitely link back to your blog post!

Kathy Mc

Very cool idea, Sunny. That peppermint candy looks good enough to eat!

Pam Hollie

Love the glitter, never dreamed you could do this. Thanks for sharing.

Diana Fleming

Very cool! Have never seen that technique before- great explanation AND beautiful results!

Nancy G

What a awesome idea!!! I love glitter!

Sandy Dayhoff

My favorite is the peppermint too! My hubby also hates glitter! He ends up wearing it every time I use it! lol!

Denise Bryant

These are really cute! I have a thing for snowflakes! I have more snowflake dies and stamps than I care to admit....


Denise, I have a thing for snowflakes as well... no such thing as too many snowflake stamps & dies! :)

Leanne S

Lovely!! Must try this.

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